Perinatal Individual Services

I have a strong passion for working with new & expectant parents in navigating the perinatal period. I work with individuals in areas including grief and loss, birth trauma, infertility, TFMR, adoption and postpartum depression or anxiety. This may include a blend of somatic based treatments, cognitive behavioral therapy and narrative therapy.

I have done additional training to support this work including:

As a mother myself I feel especially passionate about supporting the transition to parenthood. We have very few support systems in place and very few rituals around such a large event, and this can feel very isolating. I believe firmly that postnatal care should be just as encouraged as prenatal care and provide a safe space for parents to talk about all the feelings related to parenting, even the taboo. 

The journey of parenting can awaken "ghosts in the nursery" or moments from your own past when you were emotionally harmed or abused, neglected or abandoned or repeatedly let down. Perhaps you've successfully buried these past events only to discover they have reemerged with the birth of your child. You may be experiencing grief, PTSD, depression or anxiety related to your earlier childhood experiences. Together we can explore these "ghosts", rewrite your story & break generational cycles while also grieving your past losses.

New couples may find this transition period especially difficult. For starters, you're exhausted! During this period it is not uncommon for couples to experience discord. I offer concrete tools and strategies to help support your relationship as you navigate this time. No one talks about how hard it is. You and your partner shouldn't feel alone.

These sessions may be offered via telehealth, in office or "walk and talk".